Education vs. Entertainment

Linguamix's raison d'être is to turn on its head existing language software's decades-old ability to bore their users to numbness. This is mostly due to the linear nature of current language content; one can only watch or hear the same sentence so many times before boredom kicks in and the student's attention is lost. This problem is magnified nowadays when a slew of devices such as cell phones, video games, television and yes computers occupy a significant part of people's time and are ready to provide entertainment at any moment.

Even dedicated students for whom the benefits of learning a new language is obvious (maybe a successful job interview, a promotion or a raise), individuals who have made significant sacrifices to allocate some of their personal time, energy and money for on-the-side learning, are prone to distractions and unforeseen events which may compromise their entire effort. That is why most people never finish that language CDROM they purchased, although they really meant to.

The acceptance of this new reality — that our mental focus has become a very scarce resource — is what has led to the creation of Linguamix. Linguamix accepts it has to compete with the traditional entertainment industry, often by using some of the very same technologies, specifically from video games, or otherwise has to fit into an already cramped schedule. Linguamix sessions intend to be fun, non-repetitive, visually dazzling, socially engaging and most of all efficient.

The result, hopefully, is an experience where students are entertained from beginning to end, as hypnotized as they are by other media, but happen to have learned a new language as a "side-effect" of their exposure to Linguamix.