Linguamix uses cutting-edge technologies that until now have been available only in video games and brings those to the education industry:

  • connect several dozen gamepads (joysticks) with vibration feedback to a single computer & projector
  • on-the-fly variable speech playback (50% to 150% of original speed)
  • stereo audio with spatial positioning of speech and ambient sounds
  • hardware-accelerated graphics using OpenGL
  • high-precision statistics of student replies with short- to long-term analysis
  • individual, evolutionary student testing with adaptive learning curve
  • web-friendly architecture with embedded HTTP server and HTTP browser
  • teacher content and student results stored in SQL database for multiple users
  • all student management, including enrollment, is handled through a web interface
  • content exportable to web, MP3, audio CD and PDF
  • runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms